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Basara: a transformative sushi pastry shop between technology and craftsmanship

Basara: a transformative sushi pastry shop between technology and craftsmanship


Would you have ever imagined that someone could combine sushi and pastry art?

Well, these two guys managed to do it. They are Danilo Migliarase e Hirohiko Shimuzu and they are Basara's founders. "We first met at church during a confirmation cerimony, they remember. On that occasion, we began to talk about the idea of running our own business by creating a sushi pastry shop with an original "transformative" character, able to meet the needs of each moment of the day".

The choice of raw materials is accurate and sophisticated, just like the interior design. The products are inspired by the cuisine of the so-called “Rising Sun” with a touch of Italian style, homage to two great culinary cultures. This is the true meaning of "Basara", a word that in Medieval Japan described those people adopting a non-traditional and nonconformist lifestyle.

However, Basara's originality involves a huge number of special services based on the concept of "experience". For example, many events focus on arranging Japanese scenic sets within homes, yachts or hotels, in collaboration with craftsmen and tailors who are experts in creating customizable kimonoes. In addition to the human and cultural aspect, great space is also given to technology. In fact Basara has developed a mobile application that allows its customers to order take-away sushi directly from their own device and have it directly at the beach.

Since this year, after Milan and Venice, Basara got here in Porto Cervo, at Promenade du Port, the hub based on craftsmanship, excellency and originality.

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