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Fabula Viridis: the green corner of Promenade du Port

Fabula Viridis: the green corner of Promenade du Port


"Three things remain with us from the Paradise: stars, flowers and children". And in this glimpse of Paradise on Earth known as Costa Smeralda, we couldn't do without them.

Particularly, there is a green corner of the Promenade where you can find a colorful floral boutique managed by the Sassari-born landscape architect and designer Sergio Madau. The shop's name is Fabula Viridis (literally "green tale"), a tribute to a Florentine contest won by Sergio in the lily town. The concept, in fact, is to tell stories through flowers and contextualize them according to the characteristics of the surrounding environment.

From Roman villas to noble London homes, up to the luxury boutiques and yachts in Porto Cervo, Sergio is now one of the most sought-after personalities in the field at international level: he's the one who manages the interior and exterior design of the green areas as well as the floral image of the most refined and exclusive environments.

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