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Faliero Sarti: luxury scarves in Porto Cervo
Faliero Sarti: luxury scarves in Porto Cervo

Faliero Sarti: luxury scarves in Porto Cervo


"I was a bit older than 20 when I moved to New York, attracted by that international and cosmopolitan world which I used to aim to since I was a kid. But one day something brought me back and I figured out that in the end America was in my own land".

This is the story of Monica Sarti, designer of "Faliero Sarti", one of the world's largest manufacturers of scarves and luxury shawls. First established by Monica's grandfather as moolen mill 1947, at that time Faliero Sarti was the first post-war company in Prato not to use recycled fabrics, but only noble materials such as cotton or cashmere.

"After I got back from New York, I started working in the scarves division of my grandfather's company. Since the first time, I started re-thinking the concept of scarf itself, by modifying the balance of weights and volumes and eliminating the classical fringes".

The result is a light and comfortable object, coming from the union of Sarti's know-how and the contribution of new ideas. Nowadays, tradition, quality and innovation are the keywords of a reality that has been able to meet the growing and demanding changes of the international market, by increasing the conncection with its tradition and territory.

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