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Finger's Restaurant: a fascinating Japanese temple in Porto Cervo

Finger's Restaurant: a fascinating Japanese temple in Porto Cervo


The soft lighting, the solemn architecture and the sea view make Finger's Restaurants similar to an ancient Japanese temple, away from the noise and bustle of everyday life. The atmosphere is refined, elegant, wrapped in the mystery of a secular culture brought to the highest levels. 

Here, the Japanese culinary tradition meets the exotic and Mediterranean flavours, in the pursuit of a fusion cuisine, where each dish is a delight for eyes and palate. 

Everything takes shape from the friendship between the former footballer Clarence Seedorf and the Japanese-Brazilian chef Roberto Okabe, whose greatest merit - as also stated by the magazine Il Gambero Rosso - is “to have understood that by putting together the Japanese technique, the Brazilian imagination and the best Italian products, he could create a new cuisine: funny, sophisticated and tasty". 

Because it is just from the meeting of different cultures that this place of excellence draws its strength: mindful of its origins, but always with an eye ahead to the future.

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