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Frades: Sardinian products in the heart of Porto Cervo
Frades: Sardinian products in the heart of Porto Cervo

Frades: Sardinian products in the heart of Porto Cervo


They're sons of Sardinia, land 'out of time and history', as it was described by the British writer D.H.Laurence. But they are also 'Frades', brothers in Sardinian language. This is the meaning of the shop that Fabio, Roberto and Valerio Paddeu have opened in 2015 in the middle of the Promenade du Port. Because, as Latins said, 'Nomen Omen'. Destiny is in the name. In fact, it is right from this bond of brotherhood that they are building up their own future and their corporate philosophy.

A strategy focused on the exclusive trade of high-quality Sardinian products and the union between tradition and innovation. By treasuring a secular culture, they have been able to give Sardinian historical dishes a cooler interpretation. A typical example is represented by 'culurgiones alla piastra', a fascinating dish like the renowned Sardinian recipe, but practical as the more classic 'piadina'. 

In short, it seems that the brothers have been chosen to perpetuate the Sardinian culinary tradition in this millennium.

All the products are the result of a careful research among the top local producers: cheese, cold-cuts (about 120 different labels), wine, honey, jams and myrtle, as well as organic and gluten-free products; the famous oils from Oliena (NU), such as the Callicarpo, winner of the contest 'Ercole Olivario 2016'; the 'Rubiu', S.Antioco craft beer awarded 'Beer of the Year' in 2011; the 'De Monterra', the only brandy made in Sardinia, and the very rare liquor 'Arbisos'.

Thanks also to the amazing interiors, designed and created by Antonio Nivola and Pierpaolo Ziranu (wood and iron workers from Orani, which is also Paddeus' hometown), visitors can live an all-round experience with Sardinian culture and meet its extraordinary excellencies.

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