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Galleria Tonelli: the greatest contemporary artists in Porto Cervo
Galleria Tonelli: the greatest contemporary artists in Porto Cervo

Galleria Tonelli: the greatest contemporary artists in Porto Cervo


He is one of the youngest store managers within the Promenade du Port. His name is Luigi Tonelli and he is responsible for the namesake art gallery in Porto Cervo.

Founded by Lodovico Tonelli in 1981, Tonelli Art Gallery was originally established in the historical citycenter of Milan, just a few steps from "Santa Maria delle Grazie", the little church that hosts Leonardo's famous fresco "The Last Supper". In that corner of the city where Renaissance meets art of the twentieth century, since he was young Luigi has been nurturing his personal taste for beauty, following closely with his brother Ciro his father's footsteps. "Everything we know about art is a gift by our father" - says Luigi. "I also attended courses in Boston and Chicago, but the most important things I learnt come from my dad and my direct experience with the artists".

Nowaday, the Gallery represents above all some of the greatest personalities of the twentieth-century art, including Pomodoro, Castellani, Manzoni, Rotella and Lucio Fontana. For the latter, the Gallery has become over time an important reference point at European level, especially about the pottery.

"Although Fontana is traditionally famous for its controversial cuts on canvas - says Luigi - pottery is an equally significant part of his production. In the gallery we have even kept a mold that was part of his private collection and that Fontana chose not to sell. Over time, this object has therefore gotten an invaluable historical-artistic value."

In more than 30 years of history, the Gallery has divulged and enhanced, through art exhibitions and fairs, the artworks of some of the greatest Italian and European post-war artists, focusing the attention on a great-value few works. Today, as a member of the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, it also offers its expertise and advice as part of the activities of identifying stolen or missing artworks.

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