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Giampaolo Paci: from basketball to visual art. A 'leap' into contemporary photography

Giampaolo Paci: from basketball to visual art. A 'leap' into contemporary photography


Telling stories, but also - as Steve McCurry stated in an interview - catching "that moment of authenticity and spontaneity able to tell about a person or, in a broader sense, to link a person's life with our human experience". This is the role of photography, the art of making even the shortest and most fleeting moment of our existence everlasting.

At the Promenade du Port - Porto Cervo the duty of representing the soul of photography is up to Paci Contemporary, an art gallery leaded by Giampaolo Paci, a former professional basketball player passionate about masterpieces of photography. The exhibited works, besides the quality of the shots and the print, are carefully selected on the basis of their unrivaled historical value. The exhibition currently underway, for example, entitled "Fashion and Cinema", includes the photo shots that in 1962 a young Bert Stern had the privilege to take for Vogue with "the Diva" par excellence, Marylin Monroe, only a few weeks before her death. That is why the collection, then published in 1982, was named "The Last Sitting".

But there are also the pictures of the Hungarian photographer Martin Munkacsi, a renowned pioneer of fashion photography. It was him to take a 1933 snapshot which is now considered the first official fashion photo of all time.

Paci Contemporary is then a place of history where time has literally been stuck with style and artistic sensibility from the greatest international photographers of the 20th century. Because after all, fashion, cinema, photography and sport - the world which Giampaolo comes from - have this simple aspect in common: the ability to extend the duration of a moment of glory indefinitely

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