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Ice cream shop La Pasqualina: a journey to the discovery of the most authentic flavours

Ice cream shop La Pasqualina: a journey to the discovery of the most authentic flavours


He traveled through the hidden Italian villages in search of the right suppliers and the most authentic and valuable raw materials: the hazelnuts from “Le Langhe”, the lemons from the Amalfi Coast, the pistachio from Bronte, the chestnuts from the forests of Calizzano and the cherries from his friend's orchard in Bolgare.

His name is Riccardo Schiavi and since 1995 he has been the keyman of one of the best ice-cream shops in Italy: La Pasqualina.

More recently awarded as "Historical Company” by Lombardy Region in 2006 and Italy Best Bar by Gambero Rosso in 2016, La Pasqualina was first established in 1912 at the outskirts of Bergamo as a haven for hunters in the Almenno San Bartolomeo countryside. At that time, the owner was a beautiful golden-haired and green-eyes girl named Pasqualina. Those same green eyes today characterize the "glacial" gaze of Riccardo, the one who has inherited three generations craftsmen's knowledge.

Now, thanks to its heritage of ingredients research, product valorisation and artisan mastery La Pasqualina is also one of the excellencies of the Promenade du Port – Porto Cervo. Here, in order to underline these features, the store is well furnished with pictures of the places visited and the people known by Riccardo on the occasion of his journeys. That is why La Pasqualina is much more than an ice cream store: it's a story, an idea, a lifestyle, but above all, it's a journey to discover the most genuine flavors of our land in the palm of a hand.

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