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Immersive Experience: the retail's future
Immersive Experience: the retail's future

Immersive Experience: the retail's future



The future of luxury market is going towards an overcoming of the pure act of buying (and therefore of the simple possession of an object) in favour of a greater emotional involvement with a product and its heritage.

In fact, a new class of consumers is now emerging. Rather than owning objects considered as status symbols, they want to get in touch with products and services particularly refined, as they possess the cultural awareness (as well as the financial means) to appreciate their real authenticity.


It's therefore important to begin to implement a series of measures aimed at meeting and expanding the customers' emotions, by using, for example, innovative technologies (such as computer graphics, video mapping and augmented reality) interacting with human senses.

In a perspective of evolution and growth of the Cultural District that is changing the retail world, this year the Promenade du Port will also host Senso Immersive, the Padua-based company created by Mick Odelli, ranked third among 898 start-ups throughout Italy in the UniCredit Start Lab contest.

For those products linked to emotional aspects, its characteristics definitely represent a winning factor, as in the case of the high-tech showcase known as "Teca". In fact, it is able to change colors and finishes of any object placed inside it, allowing clients to see its different samples in real time. But that's not it. At the time of contact, through highly performing hidden sensors, decorative elements, scenarios and atmospheres can be beamed onto a basically neutral environment, triggering a huge number of special effects that can convey emotions and highly stimulants sensory experiences.

All of this is intended to completely revolutionise the luxury market. Above all, it should be particularly effective for unconventional commercial forms such as temporary and concept stores, since it transforms the purchasing process in a moment of pleasure.

As stated by Sergio Aversa, in his role of consultant for the Promenade du Port and CEO of Creative Web Studio - marketing and communication, "all these factors act on the customer's mind during what that is known in marketing as the "zero moment of truth", namely that moment in which the customer gets in contact with a particular good for the first time and carefully evaluates its purchase. In fact, the combination of technology and contents expands the individual cognitive and sensory abilities, by acting directly on someone's perception: the greater the quality of a product, the greater the relevant contents, and so the perceived value. This is especially true for valuable goods because they allow to exploit all the features that make a product luxurious (craftsmanship, raw materials, etc.), regardless of brand".

According to Mick Odelli, CEO of Senso Immersive, we are already witnesses of a kind of augmented reality 2.0. Compared to 1.0, exclusively accessible through electronic devices, this technology uses hidden sensors and projectors working on all those intangible elements, anyway tied to the essence of the product.

"I am excited about the potential arising from the combination of ideas, design, art and technology - said Andrea Brugnoni, curator of the Promenade du Port - and I like considering myself a sort of trait d'union between all these areas. That's why I decided to establish a concept store at Promenade du Port, combining Senso technology, Mo Coppoletta's desing and Rolls-Royce's charme. Because I believe that we are only at the beginning of a revolutionary trend and I am excited about the many opportunities ahead".

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