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Larusmiani: the most famous fashion seagull flies to Porto Cervo

Larusmiani: the most famous fashion seagull flies to Porto Cervo


"Then suddenly, he unleashed my hands and my arms turned into wings", would sing Fabrizio De André. The hands of a tailor, the wings of a seagull. Here's the story of Larusmiani, the most famous seagull of the fashion world, which today flies over the sky of Porto Cervo.

It all begins in the early 20s when Mr. Guglielmo Miani started his tailoring business in the heart of Milan, becoming in a few years one of the most sought-after professionals in the field by men of art and science, sportsmen and actors who chose his workshop to build their own style.

However the brand "Larusmiani" as we know it today was created in the 70s with the son of Guglielmo, Riccardo. In fact, the Latin term "Larus" which introduces the familly name means "seagull". The choice, inspired by the traditional English raincoat (the trench), is based on the typical characteristics of impermeability of the seagull plumage and the values of freedom and independence that it embodies.

From shoes to shirts (realized through 17 hand-steps), from suits to accessories, at Larusmiani all of the products are hand-made and tailor-made by expert tailor masters. Fabric research is deep and accurate so as to ensure maximum comfort and quality.

Today, the safeguard of these values is up to Mr. Guglielmo Miani Jr., whose the constant pursuit of quality associated with a strong passion for arts led him to the choice of opening a new concept store at Promenade du Port: a unique hub in the world, able to combine art with craft excellence.

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