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Promenade du Port, the right place to live a shopping experience
Promenade du Port, the right place to live a shopping experience

Promenade du Port, the right place to live a shopping experience


Promenade du Port is not only a physical location, but above all an idea. It's a way to build up new opportunities that allow clients and visitors to go beyond the pure commercial act, in favour of a more fascinating shopping experience.

If we think about tourism, a sector that continuously offers very interesting cues, we can note that a new phenomenon known as "experiential tourism" is catching on. In fact, today's travellers are more interested in broadening their horizons and knowledge through a direct experience with local culture.

Same way, I think that similar trends are emerging in the trade, with a potential yet to be exploited. That's why every single shop in Promenade du Port is carefully selected on the basis of its philosophy and ability to give the customers an added value, by educating them on quality and good taste. Luxury lovers are looking for authentic products that have a soul to be expressed and that are not necessarily linked to a brand.

This is the reason why we are so interested in the concept stores: because they are already the result of a careful internal research and embody a desire or a need for change. The shop so becomes a place where living an experience under the guidance of consultants. This is also a way to spread culture and strengthen that "fil rouge" which binds the souls of the Promenade du Port in a single centre of excellence.

It is no coincidence that many activities have arisen within the Promenade du Port and have achieved international reputation in a few years: eXkite, Lost & Found, Gallery Fumi and Louise Alexander Gallery are just some of the most successful case histories.

I imagine Promenade du Port as a medium between excellence and its admirers: open-minded people who appreciate what they didn't know before and who have the sensitivity to understand the difference between the Promenade du Port and a mall. A target, therefore, which is not only commercial, but also and above all cultural.

The most interesting thing is that the philosophy of the Promenade du Port is replicable, but it has to be adapted to the framework of the place of reference. The path we have undertaken reflects an international approach, according to the widespread trends of the biggest cities in the world. It certainly works well in Costa Smeralda for its strategic geographical position and its natural attractiveness power. But the secret is the research conducted along the territory, in order to bring out the peculiarities, traditions and soul of one of the most beautiful places in the world: Sardinia.

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