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Promenade du Port, the surprising effects of the pursuit of quality
Promenade du Port, the surprising effects of the pursuit of quality
Photo credit by Studio Quagli

Promenade du Port, the surprising effects of the pursuit of quality


Our research work continually leads us to the discovery of a huge number of companies all over the world and select them on the basis of the quality of the products and the concept behind the production process. In short, we look for those companies that have interesting ideas to offer in order to let the clients live an all-round experience. 

Starting from some years ago, we noticed that companies which possess these features, show a strong inclination to social responsibility. This means that as well as social responsibility generating quality, even the pursuit of quality can generate social responsibility.

Social responsibility is the ability to achieve social and environmental goals beyond the legal requirements, such as transparency, working conditions, respect for the environment and land development.

Nowadays, also thanks to a more intense movement of data and information, consumers have reached a high degree of awareness on this subject and expect similar attention from companies and manufacturers.

Within the Promenade du Port there are many activities that those reveal this nature. First of all, by developing a network of collaboration with Sardinian manufacturers and craftsmen, Frades and Soha has created e a chain of land development; the brand Exkite realizes technical sportswear items through recycling kitesurf sails and, because of the nature of its products, represents an "elegant" example of environmental protection; the craftsman Stefano Conticelli realizes extraordinary handmade works in front of (or together with) his customers, giving them access to raw materials and the creative process with the maximum transparency; Gallery Fumi selects and displays only artist proofs or limited series, which are the result of the study and rediscovery of ancient techniques, thus respecting the artist's production capacity and saving those skills which would otherwise be lost.

The Promenade du Port is therefore emerging as an important opportunity for those companies which pursue the quality (in social responsibility scheme) that would hard-pressed to emerge in other contexts.

In fact, thanks to its unique geographic and socio-cultural context, the Promenade du Port is able to lead them to success, by developing the destination "Costa Smeralda".

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