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Rossana Orlandi: home of international interior design

Rossana Orlandi: home of international interior design


'After a lifetime spent in the fashion industry, 13 years ago I finally succeeded in achieving what has always been my dream, the parameter on which I always based all of my research: design. The fashion world had become too tight for me: I needed to cultivate the creativity and freedom of expression that I had always loved, while remaining faithful to the spirit of research for authenticity in a free world'.

Rossana Orlandi tells herself this way, remembering the birth of her exhibition space in Milan in a former ties factory, absolute reference point for design lovers. But Rossana Orlandi is also a cornerstone of the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo, with two floors full of class and fantasy, home of the best designers of the national and international scenario.

In fact, Rossana Orlandi is a real talent scout always looking for talented artists who have something to say through their creativity.

'My choice is not the object itself, but the designer - she said. I am extremely eclectic, I take everything that gives me emotions and I have a lot of respect for those players who manage to make design accessible to everyone, making it democratic. In this way, they become promoters of culture and good taste, conveying the beauty in everyone's life'.

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