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Soha: the rope which ties the sectors of Sardinian craftsmanship

Soha: the rope which ties the sectors of Sardinian craftsmanship


A jewelry store arisen from the union of different worlds (fashion, cosmetics and accessories), brought even closer by the common research for beauty. It's starting from this solid bond that Soha Sardinia was established by Giovanni Pisu and André Baradat in order to give voice to the craft heritage of the island through a rediscovery of the traditional Sardinian techniques and products. In fact, in Sardinian language the word "Soha" comes from "sa soha", which is the Issohadores' lasso: an iconic representation of this neverending bond.

The second meaning of the name is instead inspired by the artistic event realized in the 70s by Maria Lai, who tied all the houses of her hometown with a ribbon in order to promote brotherhood and solidarity among its inhabitants.

Both the jewelry and the beauty products are made starting from the legacy of the territory, with a clear intention to create a production chain throughout the island, like an imaginary rope that links not only all the people, but also their activities and, therefore, their culture.

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