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Stefano Conticelli: emblematic example of Made in Italy craftsmanship in Porto Cervo

Stefano Conticelli: emblematic example of Made in Italy craftsmanship in Porto Cervo


This story begins 8 years ago with a timber and rough canvas truck softly pushed by the gentle hands of a child. Hands so different from those of a craftsman, shaped by the time and the tools of his work, but talented of the same life force. In fact, that little truck is still moving on. 

"I had lost my job and I was totally upset - said Stefano Conticelli - when I showed up at my grandson's home the day of his birthday with a timber truck. It was right in that moment that Tommaso (this is his name) and his friends stopped playing their computer games to start playing with a handmade toy. In that dramatic period of my life, I realized that those children were sending me a clear message of hope. Thus, I decided to get it by sending the following question to some magazines: "is it possible that children are able to feel the love contained in such a simple object, which is unique because intended only for them?"

And so, in a short time, the name of this icy-eye craftsman begins to catch on, with his warm hands able to give a shape to leather, wood and iron objects with the warmth of the passion for his own work. Starting from this year, next to the boutique located in Orvieto (TR),you can find him at the Promenade du Port as well, because, as Stefano himself has written while sailing to Sardinia, "the world of beauty lands in the islands, and this is the one that we want to explore".

His creations are the result of the most authentic craftsmanship, the art that passes on from generation to generation as the most valuable asset. It's just for this reason, in fact, that his greatest dream is to open a school where to train and educate young craftsmen. Because, in the end, he knows that all of us need beauty and, as stated in a popular quote by Dostoevskij, It is beauty that will save the world.

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