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Vespa Smeralda: the 'special' side of Promenade du Port

Vespa Smeralda: the 'special' side of Promenade du Port


'I've worked in Turin, the homeland of Italian motors, for a lifetime Then, some years ago, I decided to sell the company and so I wondered: what am I going to do right now? I don't want to retire, I'm only 71!'

That's how Vespa Smeralda was born. In just few years years it has become one of the most colorful institutions of Promenade du Port, made even more lively by the funny ways of the shop owner, Graziolino Saverio. By arriving at Promenade du Port, it's impossible not to see him, on your right, with his boyish haircut, guarding the Vespas lined up in front of the showcase, meeting-point of enchanted tourists.

Because these jewels of Made in Italy are made even more precious by the handwork of the best craftsmen from Turin, whom Saverio relies on for repair and customization of the models gathered from all around Italy. It's them who turn these Vespas into extremely rare pieces, that cannot be found nowhere else in the world.

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