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Zamira Lounge: the art of a classy aperitivo in Porto Cervo
Zamira Lounge: the art of a classy aperitivo in Porto Cervo

Zamira Lounge: the art of a classy aperitivo in Porto Cervo


'My goal was to bring to Promenade du Port a simple, elegant and refined service'.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Dino Scalmana, Officier de l'Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, the order that since 1656 has the purpose to enhance the image of the Champagne all over the world. In fact, Dino, who has already worked as a bar-manager in the most important hotels in Costa Smeralda, is one of the leading international experts of champagnerie.

Looking around at the Promenade du Port, you can find him together with his wife Lorenza, also a renowned professional in the field, at Zamira lounge bar Porto Cervo or Elit Promenade Café. Their wine cellar, located on "the walk" level of Promenade, is the result of a careful research on the products, almost overflowing with stories to tell.

If you pay attention in the dim light, you can notice a series of products almost impossible to find, such as the Black Tot rum, whose name stems from the day when the British Navy issued the last daily ration of rum to the sailors. One of the remaining stocks, which circulated by means of smuggling, was later found by a British businessman who chose this label in the memory of that black day. 

So, here is a way to tickle the taste buds with the sparkling bubbles of the most famous labels of champagne or with the rarest spirits of the world, while learning about the history and peculiarities of each of them under the guidance of a real institution.

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