Promenade du Port - Bottega Conticelli
Bottega Conticelli

Bottega Conticelli

START FROM THE BEGINNING. For the first stage of his wandering workshop, Stefano Conticelli chooses Promenade du Port as a partner of excellence: the stunning Costa Smeralda, refined and worldly landing place, is home to the superior craftsmanship of Bottega Conticelli. Throughout the summer season 2016, between performance and reality, between oddments and dreams, Stefano Conticelli brings to the stage a play of hands speaking from the bottom of his heart.

TRAVELING. The topic of the journey is a lucky refrain for Stefano Conticelli, creative soul of the namesake boutique: from the shows like "Maison et Objet Paris/Miami" up to the most famous international horse shows, from hotels and yacht clubs through institutions, museums and embassies, Stefano proposes a path related to the trip in all its forms: vehicles, accessories and a culture of suspended and well spent time, which takes us back to the roots of Umbria.
The classics - such as the icon of the Bel Paese (Vespa engines, 500), but also horses and elephants, inexhaustible sources of inspiration for a master of doing who remains faithful to his philosophy: moving, living and and promoting an emotional space made of quality articles intended to last in time.

RAW MATERIAL. Leather, in its endless variations at low environmental impact; felt, cashmere, cotton and other primitive and natural materials: the constant research for scents and texture, in a timeless echo that brings our souls back to the meaning of life. Stefano writes again the good habits with the vocation of a contemporary gentleman, inviting us to the rediscovery of the authentic hand-made quality.

BOTTEGA CONTICELLI FOR HEINEKEN. 30 limited-edition trunks celebrate the freshest drink and the art of receiving with a look at the elegance.

TAKE ME WITH YOU/VEGAN EMPTY POCKETS. The innovation by Coronet, a leading company in unconventional materials for empty pockets designed for the needs of those who say no to animal leather.

CAVALLINA STEP comfort, functional and funny, characterized by a strong attention to details.

VINYL BAG/SPORTINA a revisited classic from the 70s for those who like to travel light, in homage to the LP form
CUSTOMIZATION. We make your dreams come true, by taking your quircks seriously: the best materials and the harmony between form and functionality come from the experience of Bottega Conticelli with its most demanding clientele.